Ideas for a season eye makeup fall-winter 2016/17

ideas for a season make-up fall-winter 2015/16

You is lost in the tendencies concerning a eye makeup ideas in a new autumn and winter season? We display all trends on shelves and we tell what emphases will place fashionably in the image the next half a year. 2016/17 you will find so many ideas how many for you will last for several months ahead in our one hundred the best options of a make-up of fall-winter. Read more

Step-by-step eye makeup ideas for blue eyes in trends

Step-by-step eye makeup ideas for blue eyes in trends

Before drawing up today’s photo gallery we set three objects for ourselves: offer you new ideas of a eye makeup for blue eyes for every day and for the evening, teach you to technology of its performance in house conditions by means of step-by-step photo lessons which you will find below and to acquaint you with two tremendous bloggers who have a stream of these ideas just inexhaustible. Read more

Makeup for green eyes 85 beautiful eye makeup ideas

Day eye makeup ideas of green eyes
Day eye makeup ideas of green eyes

Green-eyed beauties from time immemorial were famous for the magical charms and inexplicable attractiveness. The charm and shrillness of their emerald look are capable in a flash self-control and confidence of almost each man. With an ulterior motive green shade of eyes fortunetellers and witches in numerous national legends and legends possessed. Anyway, however even natural beauty of green-eyed ladies can be repeatedly increased thanks to correctly picked up make-up. Read more

Step by step eye makeup ideas for brown eyes

eye makeup ideas for brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes usually bright and beautiful, have dark hair and magnificent eyelashes. Such persons without make-up look effectively and attractively. Brown, deep, dark eyes are expressive and attractive by nature. But to strengthen the outstanding data and to strike all on the spot it is necessary to know some cunnings of eye makeup ideas. Read more

Fashionable eye makeup ideas 2016 trends of 60 photos

Fashionable eye makeup ideas

The spring and summer make-up always assumes more ease, freshness and romanticism, than Make Up-images of autumn and winter tendencies. The most fashionable make-up of eyes of 2016 is a Nude style — that is perfect naturalness and softness of tones. Easy flickering shadows, the ink which isn’t burdening an eye with gravity, and not striking colors of lipsticks are an actual trend of a warm season. Read more

Christmas trends eye makeup – 2016 ideas

Eye makeup for christmas 2016 ideasOn New Year’s Eve all want to surprise, a dress, a hairdress or a makeup, we also will talk about the last.

In a year of the Monkey at a festive party it is better not to be over-modest. The brightest attributes – a lip gloss with blinking, a bright eyeliner and shooters, false eyelashes and other elements of a decor will help to please eccentrical and courageous character of an animal.

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