Night masks for hair

hair masksOur Korean friends are sure: that is good for skin, to hair won’t do much harm. Also sleep peacefully with a mask not only on a face, but also on the head. All of us want as better (read: a thick and brilliant hair), and we receive as always (read: dry, thin, dim). When already nothing helps us will help out night masks for hair. And you won’t refuse to them preventive advantage.Hair masks are recommended for any type of hair. It is necessary to calculate quantity only truly. For thin take less product and you put from the middle to tips. For average and thick hair — it is more, trying to ignore a radical zone.

How to use:
1. Wash up the head and dry hair a towel.
2. Comb and divide hair into sections.
3. Put a mask.
4. Again comb a crest for the best distribution.
5. Braid a free bunch or a braid.
6. Wrap up the head a scarf or a film. In the second case the effect of a sauna is guaranteed: from heat of a cuticle of a hair open and better absorb structure.
7. If the prospect to sleep in “cap” doesn’t seduce you, lay a towel on a pillow. Or get a separate set of pillowcases for night masks.
8. Wash up the head with shampoo in the morning.

Night hair mask
Anti-aging night hair mask with extract of black Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue caviar from Alterna

Hair too grow old. Also can give out foully the figure specified in the passport. Praise to the experts of Alterna who thought up Age-Control Complex with valuable extract of black caviar. He fights at once against chronological, chemical and ecological aging. And to hair again 25.

Fluide de Beauté 14 Carita Loves Courreges from Carita for hair
Fluide de Beauté 14 Carita Loves Courreges from Carita for hair

Dry Fluide de Beauté 14 oil legend can be applied where and when necessary. Ringlets will estimate the oils of corn and a filbert rich with fatty acids and vitamins. The fluid can be used sun or to add to other masks. And this year also to admire new design: in honor of the 70 anniversary of brand oil changed clothes in the limited dress from the French house of Courrèges.

Intensive night mask for hair
Intensive night mask Overnight Care Hair Mask from Marlies Möller

This wonderful hair night mask will help out, when there is no time to go to salon behind professional treatment of hair. After the first application you will notice the volume, gloss and smoothness, as after lamination. Good night.

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